The Wedding Gifts

Wrap up the gestures of love and emotions. Give your loved ones the most prestigious gift of life. A perfect chalet stay full of luxury and comfort with more than 160 wonderful facilities. 



Luxurious Chalets

Relax in exotic chalets at Dreamworld and enjoy a luxurious accommodation with more than 160 amusement facilities along with other countless entertaining options.



Chalets' Bistro

Hello Food Lovers!
Would you like to make your tongue aware of delicious innovative taste with which it has never been blessed?
Dreamworld has stepped a head gaining a reputation as an iron grip of food modernization.
Come to dine at Dreamworld CHALETS’ BISTRO (New Fine Dine Restaurant) any time any day to satisfy your pangs of hunger with deliciously tasty food.


May you always LIVE TOGETHER with unending love and great care!

Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you’ve given to your life partner. Compile to celebrate your living together loveliest and most memorable event & come with everyone in your family to enjoy the pleasure of unlimited enjoyment & deliciously tasty food at Dreamworld.

For details contact: 0322-4784329



May ALLAH have mercy on your CHILDREN!

To keep your children away from all evils before they move ahead to grow up, invite everybody in your family, friends and relatives to celebrate their AQEEQAH at Dreamworld. You can put forward your preferences to arrange Aqeeqah Ceremony.

NOTE: Healthy and beautiful animals are available for this special and auspicious occasion.

For details contact: 03224784329





Head Office: Dreamworld Tower, 65 AM Stratchen Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

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